2024 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence of Things and Computing (AITC 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

· Robot Technology

· Natural Language Processing

· Pattern Recognition

· Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

· Fuzzy Control and Systems

· Human-computer Interaction

· Cyber Security

· Expert System

· Data Mining

· Intelligent Control and Decision Making

· Knowledge Discovery

· Intelligent Systems and Language

· Machine Perception

· Computer Vision

· Evolutionary Computation

· Information Retrieval and Web Search

· Adaptive System

Intelligent Computing

· Genetic Algorithms

· Simulated Annealing Algorithm, Taboo Search Algorithm

· Evolutionary Algorithms, Heuristic Algorithms

· Ant Colony Algorithm

· Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

· Particle Swarm Algorithms, Hybrid Intelligence Algorithms

· Immunization Algorithms, Rough Set Theory

· Artificial Neural Networks

· Bio-computing

· DNA Computing

· Quantum Computing

· Intelligent Computing and Optimization

· Fuzzy Logic

· Pattern Recognition

· Knowledge Discovery

· Data Mining

· Information Security

· Medical Diagnostics

· Intelligent Computing Applications

Internet of Things

· IoT Chips and Sensors

· CPS Technology and Intelligent Information System

· Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment

· LoT Chips and Sensors

· IoT Technology Architecture

· Cloud Computing and Big Data in IoT

· Edge Intelligence and Blockchain

· Smart City

· IoT Wearables

· Smart Home

· Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data

· Multi-terminal collaborative control and IoT smart terminal

· Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment

· SDN and Intelligent Service Network

· 5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things

· IoT Information Security

· Internet of Vehicles and Unmanned Vehicles

· User-facing software-defined services

· IoT information analysis and processing

· Heterogeneous Convergence and Multi-Domain Collaboration in IoT Environment